When people talk about Curb Appeal, 9 times out of 10, they are talking about it because a house is being sold. But why wait? Make the changes now so that you can enjoy them!

Does your home have Curb Appeal? Does it have an “aesthetic charm?” When you pull up at the end of the day, does it bring you joy and invite you in? If your answer to these questions is NO, then it is time to do something. Sometimes all it takes is a quart of paint, a new wreath and welcome mat. These are simple things you can do over a weekend. But when it involves more, Cedar Mill Craftworks can help. We have helped our clients refine their ideas, select new color schemes and make changes to the facade of their homes. It seems the end result is always how happy they are to come home. Perhaps you have some ideas but you’d like some help pulling it all together. We’d love to help.  


Our client was ready to bring her home into the 21st century and get rid of the odd color scheme which included red, purple and yellow trim. We helped our client select new colors for her home. She selected a rich blue/gray with crisp white trim and black accents. When we were done painting, it was clear that the old brass lanterns and numbers couldn’t go back up…bring in the swanky new ones! 


This project started as a stair rebuild. The client’s existing stairs were warped, the storage area below had a rickety old door and the railings had taken a beating from the Southern exposure. We built new stairs using Timbertech decking and installed composite railing on the stairs and both porches. The area below the stairs was dressed up with composite boards set on the horizontal as an alternative to lattice. The final touch was a freshly painted front door and shutters.  


An inviting entrance is key to enhancing your Curb Appeal. Cedar Mill Craftworks can help you create an inviting entrance with a pop of color at the front door or a unique gate and arbor to the back yard. 


Our client disliked most everything about the exterior of her home: the shutters weren’t realistic as they were skinny and had gaps between the boards, the brown trim had a reddish undertone, the white vinyl windows were stark against the dark trim, the body color was just blah and the stone...well, it just isn’t what she would have chosen.


A decision was made to keep the stone and find a color palette that would soften it. We met on site and then at Powell Paint Center to start looking at our options. We selected a rich brown for the body, this would help soften the stone. The trim had to be a shade of white to make the vinyl windows disappear. The color for the shake was a bit more difficult. Fortunately, Sue at Powell Paint came to the rescue with a perfect shade of mocha, taupe, cappuccino…you get the idea. As for the shutters and front door, we knew all along that they would be black. Speaking of the shutters, we had to start from scratch, they needed to be a realistic. We needed shutters that looked like they would function like shutters.  So, we built them: board and batten, simple and sleek. 

"I found Abby to be a great resource when it came to selecting the exterior paint and trim. She has a good eye, asks the right questions to help you figure out the perfect color for you and has amazing patience when it comes to trying different colors until you find the right one. Working with Abby has been a wonderful experience. I asked her to help me with another home and wouldn't think of working with anyone else."
Chocolate brown house with white trim and black door
Francoise A.
Cedar Mill